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Read Risale-i Nur -A commentary on the Quran written by Bediüzzaman -

 English Islamic Forum Katagorisinde ve  The Risale-i Nur Collection Forumunda Bulunan  Read Risale-i Nur -A commentary on the Quran written by Bediüzzaman - Konusunu Görüntülemektesiniz.=>Risale-i Nur Collection Description: This book is comprised of short topics which explain in a simple style profound truths about life, belief in God and the Hereafter, and worship. "If you have the means to kill death, and cause decline and transience to disappear from the world, and remove poverty ...

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    Lightbulb Read Risale-i Nur -A commentary on the Quran written by Bediüzzaman -

    Risale-i Nur Collection

    Description: This book is comprised of short topics which explain in a simple style profound truths about life, belief in God and the Hereafter, and worship.

    "If you have the means to kill death, and cause decline and transience to disappear from the world, and remove poverty and impotence from man, and close the door of the grave, then tell us and let us hear it! Otherwise, be silent! The Qur'an reads the universe in the vast mosque of creation. Let us listen to it. Let us be illuminated with that light. Let us act according to its guidance. And let us recite it constantly. Yes, the Qur'an is the word. That is what they say of it. It is the Qur'an which is the truth and comes from the Truth and says the truth and shows the truth and spreads luminous wisdom..."

    Description: Observations of a traveler questioning creation concerning his Maker. The traveler questions first the heavens with their suns and stars; then the atmosphere, the earth, and so on, each of which proves the Necessary Existence and Unity of their Maker. Joining the traveler on his quest, the reader will find that his belief will gain universality and strength with each of these "thirty-three degrees in the Necessary Existence and Unity of the Creator," and become "true and certain belief."

    Description: Essential advice for the young in the face of the vice and materialism of our times. This book shows how through learning the true nature of youth, life, and this world, young people may avoid the many pitfalls of modern life and secure true happiness in this world and the next. Youth will go. And if it goes being squandered, it results in thousands of calamities and pains both in this world and in the Hereafter. And if you want to understand how the majority of such youths end up in hospitals with imagined diseases arising from misspent youth and prodigality, and in prisons or hostels for the destitute through their excesses, and in bars due to the distress arising from their pain and suffering, then go and ask at the hospitals, prisons and graveyards.

    (From the Back Cover): "To follow the practices of the prophet is of the very greatest value. And to follow them when innovations are rife is of even greater value. To follow the practices recalls the Most Noble Prophet, and that recollection is transformed into recalling the Divine Presence. The moment his practices are observed in some minor action even, that becomes worship yielding reward......"

    (From the Back Cover): God willing, this Thirty-Third Letter of Thirty-Three Windows will bring to belief those without belief, strengthen the belief of those whose belief is weak, make certain the belief of those whose belief is strong but imitative, give greater breadth to the belief of those whose belief is certain, lead to progress in knowledge of God-the basis and means of all true perfection-for those whose belief has breadth, and open up more brilliant vistas for them.


    Description: "Man has a relationship with and stands in need of most of the species of creation. His needs spread throughout all parts of the cosmos, and his desires extend to eternity. As he desires a flower, so he desires the spring. As he wishes for a garden, so he wishes for eternal Paradise. As he longs to see a friend, so he longs to see the Most Beauteous One of Glory. As he needs to knock at the door of his beloved friend in order to visit him, so he needs to take refuge in the court of an Omnipotent One Who will close the door of this world and open that of the Hereafter, the World of Wonders."

    (From the Back Cover): O my soul! Like my heart, you too weep and cry out and say:
    I am ephemeral; I do not want another who is thus. I am impotent; I do not want another who is thus. I have surrendered my spirit to the Most Merciful; I do not want another. I want another, but let him be an eternal friend. I am a mere atom, but I desire an Everlasting Sun. I am nothing, yet I wish for these beings, all of them.

    (From the Back Cover): If we were to display through our actions the perfections of the moral qualities of Islam and the truths of belief, without doubt, the followers of other religions would enter Islam in whole communities; rather, some entire regions and states, even, on the globe of the earth would take refuge in Islam...

    Europe and America are pregnant with Islam. One day, they will give birth to an Islamic state. Just as the Ottomans were pregnant with Europe and gave birth to a European state.

    Description: During one period of Turkish history, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi was misunderstood by the government and was forced to spend twenty-eight years in exile driven from place to place and from prison to prison. Thereby he referred prison to as school of Prophet Joseph (Medrese-i Yusufiyye). This booklet, which we are publishing in the hope that it will be of benefit to the people of the present, is a selection of the letters he wrote to his fellow-prisoners during the course of this unmerited treatment.

    Description: This book proves and explains that, "The imaginary and insubstantial thing Naturalists call Nature, if it has an external reality, can at the very most be a work of art; it cannot be the Artist. It is a set of decrees; it cannot be the Issuer of the decrees. It is a body of the laws of creation, and cannot be the Lawgiver. It is but a created screen to the dignity of God, and cannot be the Creator. It is a law, not a power, and cannot possess power."

    Description: The first section shows the wisdom in fasting:"There are many purposes and instances of wisdom in the fast of Ramadan which look to both God Almighty's Dominicality, and to man's social life, his personal life and the training of his instinctual soul, and to his gratitude for Divine Bounties."....The second part is about frugality and contentment, and wastefulness and extravagance; gives instructions in the form of categorically commanding frugality and clearly prohibiting wastefulness as indicated by the Qur'an, 7:31....The third part is on thanks which is, according to the Qur'an, the most important thing that the Most Merciful Creator wants from His servants.... "The All-Compassionate Creator desires THANKS in retun for the bounties He bestows on mankind. As for wastefullness, it is contrary to thanks, and slights the bounties and causes loss. While frugality is both thanks, and shows respect towards the Divine Mercy manifested in the bounties, and is the cause of plenty."

    Description: This book with its exquisite logic, not only proves decisively the existence of life after death, but it also makes clear the relevance of our states in the hereafter. Directly inspired by the Qur'an, it opens up a highway leading to a rational understanding of these vital subjects. It achieves this by demonstrating that all beings in the cosmos are the manifestations of the Divine Names, and that each Name logically requires the resurrection of the dead, the Last Judgment, and the hereafter. Now, when belief by imitation is no longer acceptable, this book offers readers a way to attain true and certain belief.

    Description: This book presents brilliant yet easily understood proofs for aspects of the spirit realms beyond materiality: the immortality of man's spirit, the angels, and the life of the Hereafter, together with the end of the world and the resurrection of the dead.

    (From the Back Cover): Oh man! You do not own yourself. Rather, you are totally owned by One Whose mercy is infinite. Therefore, do not trouble yourself by shouldering the burdenof your life, for it is He Who grants you life and administers it. Also, the world is not without an owner. So do not be anxious thinking of the state of it and load that burden onto your brain, for the world's Owner is All-Wise and All-Knowing. You are a guest so do not be officious and meddlesome.

    Description: God's Most Noble Messenger claimed: "I am the envoy of the Creator of this universe. My proof is that He will change His unbroken order at my request and prayer. Now look at my fingers: He causes them to run like a fountain with five spigots. Look at the moon: by a gesture of my finger, He splits it in two. Look at that tree: to affirm me, and to bear witness to me, it comes to me. Look at this food: although it is barely enough for two or three men, it satisfies two or three hundred." In addition, he demonstrates hundreds of similar miracles

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    Standart Cevap: Read Risale-i Nur -A commentary on the Quran written by Bediüzzaman -

    Risale-i Nur is really a great resource for people who believe. Large master ordeal full of Said Nursi wrote in his excellent source of labor. Every home should be an essential and a must-read book.

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    Standart Cevap: Read Risale-i Nur -A commentary on the Quran written by Bediüzzaman -

    Description: This is a collection of lectures given specifically to women by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. It also includes answers to questions sent by women to Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. In the author's words: "It is suggested that by some Hadiths that at the end of time, among women the truths of belief will hold an important place and to an extent the women will be preserved from the dangers posed by the misguidance of those times. There is Hadith the meaning of which is: 'At the end of time follow the religion of the elderly women.' That is to say, the heartfelt sincerity of those champions of compassion, arising from their compassion, will be a means of saving them from perils of the hypocritical misguidance of those times. They will adhere steadfastly to Islam."

    (From the Back Cover): Paradise and Hell are in fact the two opposite fruits which grow on the branches of the Tree of reation; or they are the last links of the chain of creation. They are the two cisterns which are being formed by the two streams of life, and the two opposing places to which the rivers of the worldly life are flowing. They will be filled up with their particular inhabitants when the Divine Grace and Divine Wrath manifest themselves on the Day of Judgement

    (From the Back Cover): If every particle is not an official of God acting with His permission and under His authority, and if it is not undergoing change within His Knowledge and Power, then every particle must have infinite knowledge and limitless power, it must have eyes that see everything, a face that looks to all things, and authority over all things... Indeed, a particle despite being powerless and lifeless by carrying out its important duties consciously and by raising mighty loads bears decisive witness to the existence of the Necessarily Existant One.

    (From the Back Cover): "Why is that while the worldly and the neglectful and even the misguided and hypocrites co-operate without rivalry, the people of religion, the learned and those who follow the path oppose each other in rivalry, although they are the people of truth and concord?" Bediuzzaman Said Nursi strongly advised his students to read this book every two weeks demonstrating the importance of sincerity and brotherhood and the importance of unity among believers.

    For example, love among the believers is counted as a beautiful and virtuous deed for the people of faith. There is contained within that virtuous deed a pleasure, joy and expansion of the heart that are related to the more substantial reward of the hereafter. Anyone who examines his own heart can experience this pleasure. Similarly, hostility and enmity among the believers constitute a wicked deed that causes their magnanimous spirits to feel a moral torment and their hearts to be stifled in distress.

    Description: In this book, Bediuzzaman explains the importance and value of the prescribed daily prayers: "Yes, just as each of the times of prayer marks the start of an important revolution so is each a mirror to divine disposal of power and to the universal divine bounties within that disposal. Thus, more glorification and extolling of the All-Powerful One of Glory have been ordered at those times, and more praise and thanks for all the innumerable bounties accumulated between each of the times, which is the meaning of the prescribed prayers..."

    Description: This book is comprised of twenty-five 'Remedies' springing from the Qur'an which, showing illness to contain many benefits and instances of wisdom, offer a true cure and consolation both for the physically sick and those wounded by unbelief and misguidance.

    O sick person! In order to display the garment of your body with which He has clothed you, bejewelled as it is with luminous faculties like the eye, the ear, the reason, and the heart, and the embroideries of His Most Beautiful Names, the All-Glorious Maker makes you revolve with in numerous states and changes you in many situations. Like you learn of His Name of Provider through hunger, come to know also His Name of Healer through your illness. Since suffering and calamites show the decrees of some of His Names, within those flashes of wisdom and rays of mercy there are many instances of good to be found. If the veil of illness, which you fear and loathe, was to be lifted, behind it you would find many agreeable and beautiful meanings....

    (From the Back Cover): That is to say, it is as if 'He is One' is saying to man: "God is One. Do not wear yourself out having recourse to other things; do not demean yourself and feel indebted to them; do not flatter them and fawn on them and humiliate yourself; do not follow them and make things difficult for yourself; do not fear them and tremble before them; because the Monarch of the universe is One, the key to all things is with Him, thé reins of all things are in His hand, everything will be resolved by His command. If you find Him, you will be saved from endless indebtedness, countless fears."

    (From the Back Cover): The Qur'an contains many apparently insignificant events, each of which hides a universal principle and present the tip of a general law. For example: (He) taught Adam the names of all of them (2:31) states that Adam was taught "the names" as a miracle to show his superiority over the angels in being favored with God's vicegerency on Earth—the rale of Earth in the name of God.

    (From the Back Cover): If you want to observe those elevated truths closer, ask a stormy sea or the quaking Earth: "What are you saying?" You will hear them repeat: "O Majestic One. O Majestic One, O Honorable One of Might. O All-Compelling One." Ask small creatures and then-young who are maintained everywhere with care and compassion: "What are you saying?" They will hymn: "O Gracious One, O Gracious One, O Most

    (From the Back Cover): Since you do not recall death and plunge yourself into vice and misguidance for pleasure and enjoyment, you should certainly know that due to your misguidance, all the past is dead and non-existent; it is a desolate graveyard full of rotted bodies. The suffering arising from those innumerable separations and the eternal deaths of those numberless friends inflicted on your head through the concern of your humanity and your misguidance, and on your heart if you have one and it is not dead, will soon destroy your insignificant drunken pleasure of the present. The future too, due to your unbelief, is a non-existent, black, dead, and desolate wasteland.

    (From the Back Cover): O my sceptical friend! Come, look carefully at the inscriptions of this vast palace, look at all the adornments of the town, see the ordering of this whole land, and reflect on all the works of art in this world! See! If these inscriptions are not worked by the pen of one hidden who possesses infinite miracles and skills, and are attributed to unconscious causes, to blind chance and deaf Nature, then every stone and every plant in this

    (From the Back Cover): THE QUR'AN is the pre-eternal translator of the mighty book of the universe; the post-eternal interpreter of the various tongues reciting the verses of creation; the commentator of the book of the Worlds of the Seen and the Unseen; the revealer of the treasuries of the divine names hidden in the heavens and on the earth; the key to the truths concealed beneath the lines of events; the tongue of the Unseen World in the Manifest World; the treasury of the post-eternal favours of the Most Merciful and of the pre-eternal addresses of that Most Holy One, that come from the World of the Unseen beyond the veil of this Manifest World; it is the sun, foundation, and plan of the spiritual world of Islam; the sacred map of the worlds of the hereafter;

    (From the Back Cover): Since everyone fervently desires long life and yearns for immortality; and since there is a way of transforming this fleeting life into perpetual life and it is possible to make it lengthy; for sure everyone who has not lost his humanity will seek out that way and try to convert the possibility into reality and will act accordingly. Yes, the way is this: work for God's sake, meet with others for God's sake, labour for God's sake; act within the sphere of "For God, for God's sake, on account of God." Then all the moments of your life will become years.

    (From the Back Cover): Bodily needs vary. Air is always needed; water only when one is thirsty or hot. Food is needed daily; others items only monthly or yearly; and some, like medicine, only sometimes. In the same way, one's spiritual needs vary. While some Qur'anic words and verses, like He and God are always needed; others, such as In the Name of God are needed regularly; and still others, such as There is no deity but God, are needed very frequently.
    Thus the repetition of certain verses and words is based on our need for them. Such repetition reminds us of this need and urges us to feel the need for a certain "spiritual sustenance," namely, the certain verses and words repeated in the Qur'an.

    These four books below are including all the works above and also some other works by Said Nursi.

    Description: The Words is the first volume of the Risale-i Nur and consists of thirty-three independent parts or ‘Words,’ which explain and prove aspects of the fundamental matters of belief. These consist of such matters as God’s existence and unity, the manifestation of the Divine Names and attributes in creation, the resurrection of the dead and the hereafter, prophethood, the miraculousness of the Qur’an, the angels, the immortality of man’s spirit, Divine Determining (fate or destiny), together with such questions as the true nature of man and the universe, and man’s need to worship God. Each subject is explained with comparisons and allegories, and demonstrated with reasoned arguments and logical proofs. The most profound aspects of the truths of belief, which were formerly studied only by advanced scholars, are explained in such a way that everyone, even those to whom the subject is new, may understand without difficulty. This work answers brilliantly the attacks made on the Qur’an in the name of science and philosophy, and demonstrates the rationality of belief in God and logical absurdity of denial. It shows too that man’s happiness and salvation both in this world and the next lie only in belief in God and knowledge of God. This new, revised edition includes a translation of Bediuzzaman’s work in ‘free verse,’ Lemeât (Gleams), which, though first published in 1921, is “a sort of index of the Risale-i Nur.”

    Description: The Flashes Collection comprises thirty-three parts or ‘Flashes’, which expounding the fundamental truths of the Qur’an and belief, and the Practices (Sunna) of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), from various angles, set forth important principles for both individual and social life. Also included in this collection are the celebrated treatise on Nature and discussion on Divine Self-Subsistence, which lay open the unsound basis of Naturalist and Materialist philosophies, and demonstrate in reasoned and logical manner the necessity of the Divine existence and Unity. Other sections answer criticisms made by atheists of certain Qur’anic verses and Hadiths. A further fruit of this Qur’anic way opened up by the Risale-i Nur is the solving of important ‘mysteries’ and ‘riddles’ of existence, before which, despite all their advances, science, philosophy, and pure reason have remained impotent: namely ‘life’ and ‘the constant activity in the universe,’ the true nature and purposes of which are discussed in the Thirtieth Flash. In thus solving the purposes of the existence of man and this world, this work demonstrates man’s true happiness and progress to lie in the way of the Qur’an and the way of God’s Messenger, Peace and blessings be upon him.

    Description: With its fifteen pieces or 'Rays', The Rays Collection contains some of the most important parts of the Risale-i Nur. Among these are The Supreme Sign, which in describing the testimony offered by all the realms of creation and universe to God's necessary existence and unity, is the most complete expression of the reflective thought which is the basis of the Risale-i Nur's way. Further convincing explanations and proofs of Divine unity and oneness, based also on recognizing and 'reading' the manifestations of the Divine Names in the universe, are set out in the Second, Third, and Fourth Rays. While in addition to these questions, The Fruits of Belief and The Shining Proof put forward clear, irrefutable proofs of the main 'pillars of belief.' Also included in this volume are parts of Bediuzzaman's defences in the Courts of Denizli and Afyon, and the short letters and notes he wrote his fellow-prisoner students while being held in those prisons. As well as advising them about their defences and directing the continuing work of the Risale-i Nur, for the most part these letters were written to guide, encourage, and comfort his students during their ordeals, to remind them to be cautious in the face of their enemies and above all to maintain their solidarity and strengthen their brotherly relations.

    Description: ...answers to many questions of belief and Islam; ,it contains brilliant and unique explanations of the truths of belief and mysteries of the Qur'an...

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